The first woman and mother
the one of Adam and Eve fame


To some, only a story -- a myth; to others, the story of the first woman is fact and not fancy. Believe what you prefer, the choice is yours and no matter what choice you make, that choice is right for you.

Eve was created in the "Garden of Eden" where she quickly discovered that there was a great resemblance between she and God. The incredible fact is not that she was born of a rib from Adam, but that God even chose to create her. "So God made man like his Maker. Like God did God make man; man and maid did he make them." (Gen. 1:27) A high place in creation for women? Possibly. God did not give man dominion until AFTER He created woman. God saw Adam standing alone, and that all the birds of the air and beasts of the field were not companion enough and so He created woman, after which he gave them blessings and dominion over the other life forms. Eve's name means 'life,' which was given to her by God, from the rib of Adam. Is it significant that God used a rib, the closest bone to man's heart in order to create the relationship between man and woman? Perhaps this means that neither can be all that they were intended to be until the two are together.

The singularity of man and woman as one, begins to show meaning in Genesis 2:24: "This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife in such a way that the two become one person." This union of the first two people demonstrates that all marriages are a part of the age of Creation. Eve was created into an extremely orderly type of world. The creation of human is as wondrous as that of the stars, sun, moon and every other thing or life in this world which God created and said was good. In Genesis, we see that Eve is described with great beauty and given a place of great dignity. She is almost always described by authors thru the ages as having a celestial face, and golden hair.

Because of Eve (and Adam), the family comes into existence. When tempted by the serpent, she did not follow the will of her God, and chose to eat fruit from the forbidden tree believing the lies of the serpent, that so doing would give her new delights. After she ate of the fruit, she also gave it to Adam, and he also chose to eat it. An example of the impulsiveness of a woman and man's willingness to follow where she would lead him. Knowing they had done wrong, they hid from God to no avail and Eve told God later that she had been convinced by the serpent that this was the right thing to do. When asked by God how she could do such a thing, Eve replied, "The serpent tricked me." (Gen. 3:13) After a good scolding from God, and the curse of hard work on man, pain in childbirth for women, and a groveling, ground-crawling life awarded to the serpent, it was declared that Eve "shall become the mother of all mankind." (Gen. 3:20)

Achieved through a high amount of pain and suffering, Eve became the world's first mother when she gave birth to a son. Upon his birth, she declared with what was probably relief, and joy all rolled into one, "With God's help, I have created a man!" (Gen. 4:1) And she named him Cain, which means "I have created." Even in her declaration of giving birth, Eve saw that she had had the help of God. Wouldn't this lead you to believe that she realized it was God and not the serpent at all to whom she gave over control of her life? Eve then gave birth to a second son and named him Abel, whose name means "breath" or "fading away." Eve saw her sons grow to be as different as night and day, only to come to the crossroads of brother killing brother when Cain killed Abel. Can you picture the agony and pain this mother must have felt over the first two children of the world? One gone, the other a murderer. Through all of this, Eve still knew there was God, and she continued to love her remaining son unconditionally. a few years later, Cain married and presented Eve with a grandchild named Enoch. There are not many more details within the story of God's creation of this first family until many years later when Adam was 130 years old (Eve had to be very close in age). At this time Eve gave birth to another child and named him Seth (meaning "granted"), then declared "God has granted me another son for the one Cain killed." (Gen. 4:25) Other sons and daughters were given life through Adam and Eve, but their names are not listed. (Gen. 5:3-5) Why did the Bible give us Seth's name and not others? Jesus Christ's ancestry was able to be traced back to the lineage of Seth. In this author's opinion, a VERY GOOD reason to have at least Seth's name. She truly was the "mother of all mankind."

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