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Elizabeth L. Banks
Danuta Bois
Margaret Brent
Lieutenant Harry Buford
Women in the Civil War (Page 1)
Women in the Civil War (Page 2)
Rebecca Sophia Clarke
Sarah J. Smith Thompson Garnet
Milla Granson
Fannie Lou Hamer
Frieda Barkin Hennock
Ima Hogg
Vinnie Ream Hoxie
Jessie Wallace Hughan
Adelaide Johnson
Elizabeth Duncan Koontz
Elizabeth Clovis Lange
Gail Laughlin
Ida Lewis
Patty Moise
Delores Louise Morris
Oblate Sisters of Providence
Sara Payson Willis Parton
Susan La Flesche Picotte
Joan Platt
Katherine Anne Porter
Amelia Stone Quinton
Ernestine Louise Rose
Esther Boise VanDeman
Loreta Velazquez
Fannie Barrier Williams
Rachelle Slobodinsky Yarros
Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska

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